This is a game made for Ludum Dare 40, the submission can be seen at


You are a wandering individual when all of a sudden you stumble and fall into a cavern. To your surprise, you are alive. But something’s off - wait - are those mushrooms moving?

This is my first official submission to Ludum Dare, I’ve done game jams and development before but I’ve never actually participated until now! Also I completely overslept the last day so there are a few things that I really wanted to focus more on but couldn’t, like optimization and more art. :((((



  • WASD - Move around
  • Arrow keys - Pull back and shoot a pellet
  • E - Eat Mushrooms
  • Enter - Restart game

Controller (Highly Recommended!)

  • Left joystick - Move around
  • Right joystick - Pull back and shoot a pellet
  • A - Eat Mushrooms
  • Start - Restart game



  • Munro - Ten by Twenty

  • Press Start - codeman38


  • Music - Generated from WolframTones

  • SFX - Created using BFXR

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